Dell Inspiron 7490 LA-H451P EDW40 Schematic & Boardview

Schematics(.pdf) + Boardview (.brd Allegro) for Dell Inspiron 7490 Laptop.
Model: Dell Inspiron 7490
Motherboard: Compal LA-H451P EDW40
Format: PDF + BRD Allegro
Total Sheets: 100 + 8
Original document, no irrelevant watermark.

Dell Inspiron 7490 LA-H451P EDW40 Schematic

Dell Inspiron 7490 LA-H451P EDW40 Schematic

What’s included:
— 2 Schematic diagrams for MB and I/O Board
— Boardview (*.brd Allegro) for Motherboard
— Boardview (*.brd Allegro) for I/O Board
— Power Block Diagram (Power Map)
— Power Sequence Diagram
— SMBus Block Diagram

File list:

IO Board LS-H451 PR10-0620H(.brd Allegro).7z
LA-H451 PR10-0621(.brd Allegro).7z
IO Board-omega_ls-h451pr10_0618.pdf
MB-OMEGA_LA-H451PR10_190715A(Dell review).pdf


Use Allegro Free Physical Viewer to open Boardview(.brd) file

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