Dell Alienware M15 M17 (nVidia N18E GPU) ORION_N18E Schematic & Boardview

Schematic (*.pdf), Boardview (*.brd Allegro), BOM file (.xls / list of componets)
Model: Dell Alienware M15 (nVidia N18E GPU), Dell Alienware M17 (nVidia N18E GPU)
OEM: Pegatron ORION_N18E_MB (G2/G3-MaxQ)
Motherboard: orion_n18e
Rev: A00 X00 December 14, 2018
Original document, no irrelevant watermark.
orion_mb_a00_n18e_20181214 5n-orion_mb_n18e.a00_Dior_ViewOnly.brd

File list

Dell Orion 15 MB mylar.xlsx
Service BOM 69N40DM14B01.xls

Boardview Software

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