Dell Alienware 15 R3 Alienware 17 R4 (GPU NV GTX1060/GTX1070) BAP10 LA-D751P Schematic & Boardview

Schematic (.pdf) & Boardview (.pdf, .cad) for Dell Alienware 17 R4, Dell Alienware 15 R3 Laptop.
Motherboard: BAP10 LA-D751P
CPU/PCH: Skylake/Kabylake-H
GPU: DIS (nVidia GTX1060/N17E-G1-A1, GTX1070/N17E-G2-A1)
Document Name: LA-D751P
Format: PDF + CAD
Total Sheets: 82 + 2
Original document, no irrelevant watermark (such as website watermark, AD watermark)

LA-D751P R10 SchematicBAP10 LA-D751P Rev1.0 BoardView(.cad)

LA-D751 Boardview PDF  BOM file 

LA-D751 Motherboard

What’s included:
— Schematic (.pdf)
— BoardView file (.pdf)
— BoardView file (.cad)
— BOM file (.xls) (Bill of materials)

File List

BAP10 BAP20_SKL_DellBOM_Template_20160829.xls
LA-D751P BAP10 Rev1.0 BoardView.cad
LA-D751P BAP10 Rev1.0 Boardview.pdf
LA-D751PR10_0822_451A2Z31LXX Schematic.pdf

Boardview Software

Use BoardViewer (Download Link) to open this Boardview(.cad) file.

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